guide to travel nunavu

Nunavut travel is an unforgettable adventure. With its one-of-a-kind landscape, abundant wildlife, and rich culture, visitors can have an unforgettable vacation. Here’s an insider’s guide to traveling in Nunavut, with everything from breathtaking natural vistas to cultural exploration and exciting outdoor activities.

Planning Your Trip

Making plans for your trip is essential if you want to make the most of your time in Nunavut. Begin by researching the locations you want to visit in the area so you can start planning ahead of time. Check local advisories or travel restrictions before your departure date based on the season you are visiting – winter months may be more difficult with icy roads or difficult weather conditions in certain areas, whereas summer months may be more ideal with warm temperatures ideal for outdoor exploration.

Consider the various accommodation options available throughout Nunavut, such as camping grounds or youth hostels catering to budget travelers, all the way up to luxury resorts complete with spa services if you want to do something extra special during your stay. As one of Canada’s most isolated provinces, it also pays to plan ahead when it comes to transportation – flights may be booked months in advance, while public transportation options may be limited depending on your location, so double check prior arrangements made ahead of time just in case any changes occur at short notice (particularly during winter).

Finally, plan leisurely considering all the fun activities available during your stays such as snowmobiling or ice skating, check local guides for details on available events or seasonal attractions that will enhance your experience even more!

Getting There: Flying In

If planning a visit from abroad then getting there will involve taking a flight to one of two nearby international airports: Iqaluit International Airport (YFB) located just outside the capital city of Iqaluit or Rankin Inlet Airport (YRT) situated near Rankin Inlet around 480km away. Within these airports, you will find commercial airlines connecting travelers from major cities across North America including Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa which serve as points of entry before embarking on a journey toward Nunavut’s remote wildernesses. These flights operate year-round but fares tend to rise up during peak season times so book early if possible!

Exploration & Adventure

Once settled into your destination there are plenty of things to explore both outdoors and indoors depending on your interests! For starters why not take a day trip along Amaruq Trail where breathtaking landscapes await those ready for hikes along treks filled with wildflowers? Or perhaps try going whale watching off Cape Dorset where majestic humpback whales often come close by shorelines, a sight no visitor should miss!

If after something more active then consider joining a local dog team trekking along frozen tundras amidst clear skies lit up by dazzling Northern Lights…it’s guaranteed moments like these stay etched forever in memory afterward!

For nature lovers wanting an immersive experience then canoeing down rivers and cutting through valleys filled with glaciers is always an option – float along ways past still waters lined by rocky cliffsides surrounded by nothing but pure wilderness wonder..there’s no better way than this true adventure seeker!

Cultural Exchange & Experiences

As mentioned earlier visitors should definitely factor into their itinerary some cultural experiences allowing them to delve deeper into everyday life in Nunavut alongside locals living amongst this magnificent landscape they call home.

Through numerous educational programs put together by various parks operating throughout regions newcomers can gain insights into native flora & fauna found around them while exploring nearby parts they wouldn’t normally access due to usual distances.

Tourists can also visit museums detailing over 500+ years worth of indigenous history since the first Inuit settlers arrived in this area or just simply chat with friendly locals, who have so much to share regarding their time spent living in these extraordinary climates.

There’s even the chance to take part in traditional activities such as ice fishing or caribou hunting – following routes set by native guides out into remote regions of wilderness as they did centuries ago!

Eating & Entertainment

As far as dining out goes there are plenty of delicious dishes awaiting you at local eateries scattered across cities and towns. Traditional favorites like smoked char fillets or muktuk (whale blubber) served alongside side dishes like mashed arctic char, bannock bread, and ptarmigan stew will all make for a memorable culinary experience to savor during your stay!

For entertainment options head towards nightlife hotspots situated around Iqaluit for drinks, bars, and nightclubs often featuring live music performances from local artists which add just the right amount of energy after hours.

Shopping & Souvenirs

To top it off some souvenir shopping opportunities await tourists looking for special items to take home! Items such as parkas made from caribou fur, handcrafted jewelry crafted by native artisans, or unique pieces of artwork distinctive to Nunavut can all be found within various stores around cities like Iqaluit or shop online if pressed for time. Whatever you choose make sure it’s something special that reflects your journey here!


Nunavut is an incredible destination filled with endless natural wonders and so much more. With its stunning landscapes, abundant wildlife, and rich culture, visitors will create memories they won’t soon forget. By researching ahead of time, planning your trip wisely, immersing yourself locally, and exploring all the exciting attractions on offer here, your journey through Nunavut promises to be an unforgettable one!